Info for families


All our Policies and Procedures are available for all families, children and staff. On enrolment, you will receive Log In details for our online platform where you will be able to view all our Policies and Procedures online.

No bullying

Generation Education aims to guarantee a happy, comfortable and safe environment for all children, families and staff attending the setting.

The company will not tolerate any type of bullying and/or harassment to any member of the school community under any circumstances.

Generation Education puts in place an Anti-Bullying Policy to protect all persons attending the centre.

Healthy eating

Generation Education promotes a Healthy Eating Policy as part of their mission to provide a healthy, safe environment where children can learn and develop to their full potential.

As part of our Healthy Eating Policy, New Generation Preschool will organize activities throughout the Curriculum to talk to the children about the importance of a balanced diet and physical activity, and to advise them on healthy snacks alternatives and meals.

Generation Education puts in place a Healthy Eating Policy to support and guide all children attending the centre.