Next Generation After-school

Breakfast club & School drop

Our busy morning starts at 7:30 am in our Breakfast club, followed by school drop to Glounthaune NS for 8:40am.

After-school care & Homework Club

We do school collections from Glounthaune NS and offer after-school care until 6pm. Children will be able to do their homework and participate in different games and activities. This is a great opportunity to socialize with others and make new friends. Hot lunch is provided to all after-school children.


These days, it’s so easy to travel and discover the world, the easiest it has ever been. Languages have become one of the most resourceful skills to have when travelling, studying, working and socializing. From travelling and meeting new people to being able to work in international companies, having more than one language opens a whole lot of new doors in our personal and professional lives – to have a second language is almost a prerequisite to work within the top ten companies in the world!

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world with 400 million speakers and a highly useful resource to have. The younger a child starts a new language, the easier it will be for them to learn it.

We organize practical and fun Spanish activities and games for children from native Spanish qualified teachers.

Art and crafts

We believe art is a form of expression and creativity should be encouraged from the early years. Different talents are found in many different forms and it is important to give children the opportunity to express themselves and learn to create new things in their own individual way that reflects their own personal taste and personality.

We use everyday-life items to create new objects, games and decorations. Children will be welcome to bring in their own ideas to share them with the class, and encouraged at all times to give their very own personal touch to every single creation.


IT plays an essential role in our lives these days. It is almost impossible to get away from it. This can be scary for families of young children who worry about the misuse of IT and its consequences. We help children to learn how to use technology in a safe, productive way that will allow them to use devices as an educational resource in the present and the future.


Science is present in our day-to-day life. However, when small children start to learn it in school, sometimes it can be difficult for them to keep up and find a relation between what is learned and what it could be used for.

We believe that scientific learning is added too late to the current education system, developing an interest in the early years can lead to a greater success and enjoyment in the sciences. We help children develop an interest in the subject based in day-to-day experiences that will make them realize how important it is in our lives.

Children will be taking part in fun experiments and projects that will allow them to experience science with hands-on activities designed for them by qualified teachers.


For info about our fees and different options, please contact us so we can provide with a personalized fee.

Next Generation clubs run on the following terms:

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    First term

    September to Christmas

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    Second term

    Christmas to Easter

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    Third term

    Easter to End of School Year